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Professional Status


About Me

Lead developer and devops in international teams,
I love working in dynamic startup with agile and powerful teams, mixing different cultures


Independant DevOps Consultant

Since 2018
  • Cross-team communication empowerment
  • Cloud-oriented architecture
  • Continuous int├ęgration & Continuous deployment
  • Microservices & Docker
  • Improve Team productivity
  • Stack: Docker, Gitlab-CI, Jenkins, Kubernetes, AWS, Node, ChatOps

DevOps Consultant

DevOps Consulting
August 2014 to 2018
  • Founder
  • Lead Architect on Y8 and Pog, both in worldwide Alexa's top 1000
  • Manage remote teams of 5 peoples, including juniors and seniors, splitted between France and Ukraine
  • Stack: ElasticSearch, MySQL, Nginx, Redis, Ruby on Rails, Varnish
  • Structure communicatiom between business, developers and production
  • Implement agile process for faster and improve products reliability
  • Implement CI, Automated Deployment and ChatOps
  • Stack: Angular, AWS, Docker, Gitlab, Jenkins, Node


2017 to 2018
  • Improve and standardize infrastructure with Ansible
  • Manage infrastructure
  • Negotiate commercial deals


January 2017 to October 2017
  • Lead 6 developers team, recruit 5 new developers
  • Implement agile practices: Daily meeting, weekly release and review, specification
  • Reduce Time to deploy from ~1 hour per service to 10 minutes with project standardization with Docker, Gitlab CI and AWS ECS
  • Build application monitoring practices with New Relic
  • Build CI/CD deployment pipelines with Gitlab-CI
  • Implement development team best practices such as code review, continuous integration and fast deployment


January 2016 to December 2016
  • Build dev team and lead it
  • Structure development process:
    * CI/CD (Gitlab-CI)
    * Code review (Gitlab)
    * Daily meeting
    * Linters
  • Migrate from Azure to AWS
  • Migrate from Microsoft Visual studio to Gitlab
  • Stack: Docker, GitlabCI, Meteor, Node, React


Airdoc Solutions
November 2014 to December 2015
  • Structure development process:
    * CI/CD (Jenkins)
    * Code review(Gerrit)
    * Daily meeting
    * Linters
  • Inject development best practices
  • Migrate from Heroku to Azure
  • Stack: Android, Azure, AWS, Heroku, Postgres, Redis, Ruby on Rails


Helios Technologies
January 2013 to July 2014
  • Project's Architect and DevOps
    Y8 and, both in Alexa's worldwide top 1000
  • Lead team of 5 developers, both juniors and seniors, splitted between France and Ukraine
  • Code review, choix des outils, qualite de code
  • Stack: ElasticSearch, MySQL, Nginx, Redis, Ruby on Rails, Varnish

Junior Architect

CCM Benchmark
September 2012 to December 2012
  • Design advanced modules for Open Data Project
  • Add new source data sources and formats to datawarehouse (Virtuoso)
  • Optimize directories generation
  • Stack: MySQL, PHP5, Sphinx, Virtuoso

Junior Architect

March 2012 to August 2012
  • Semantic Web Survey (Storage, collection, analysis)
  • Build datawarehouse
  • Create data oriented backoffice to allow journalists to interract with
  • Stack : MySQL, PHP5, RDF/XML, Sphinx, Virtuoso


Zenika Ouest
May 2011 to September 2011
  • Whitepaper on virtualization and cloud computing
  • Create skills' management web app
  • Stack: Java, ElasticSearch, Hibernate, Maven, Spring


August 2010
  • Update and improve internal website for material management
  • Stack: PHP5, MySQL


May 2010 to July 2010
  • Improve and update back office website
  • Improve development methodology by using OOP
  • Stack : PHP5, MySQL, Javascript, JQuery


Master Degree in Software Architecture

IFSIC - ISTIC (Rennes)
September 2010 to August 2012

OO Architecture
Parallel and concurrent programming
Model Driven Engineering (MDE)
Meta Programming


  • Devops
  • Team Leadership
  • Web & Mobile Development
  • AWS Certified
  • Web Architecture
  • Cloud Computing (AWS, GCE,Heroku)
  • Team Leadership
  • CI/CD
  • Infrastructure as Code: Chef, Ansible, Terraform
    * Chef
    * Ansible
  • Docker
  • Git
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • ElasticSearch
  • Redis
  • MongoDB
  • Hadoop
  • Virtuoso
  • Ruby
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • PHP
  • C/C++
  • Scala
  • Ruby on Rails
  • React
  • Meteor
  • Android
  • German: Basic
  • English: CLES Certification (~TOEIC 780).
  • French: Mother tongue
  • Russian: Basic


  • Judo
  • Astronomy & Astrophysics
  • Guitar
  • Tech survey
  • News